Learn How A Personal Home Care Provider Can Help Someone Waiting For An Organ Transplant


Many people assume that personal home care providers only provide care to elderly individuals, but that is not the case at all. There are some people who are waiting for organ transplants who also need the help of personal home care providers, if they live on their own. The following guide walks you through a few things that a personal care provider does for someone who is waiting for an organ transplant.

Monitor the Person's Vital Signs

Someone who is waiting for an organ transplant, such as a heart, can have major changes in their breathing and heartbeat without any warning. Having someone with them that can monitor their vital signs decreases the chances of the person losing consciousness or not recognizing when they need medical attention.

Provide Emergency Care When Needed

If the person waiting for the transplant stops breathing and needs mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, the care provider can give them the resuscitation they need right away. Also, the provider can drive them to the doctor or hospital if the person feels they need medical attention.  

Monitor the Person's Medicine Intake

Someone who is on the waiting list for an organ often has certain medications that he or she needs to take on a regular basis to help their organ to function as well as it can until a transplant is available. The personal home care provider can also administer an IV if the person becomes dehydrated.

Help the Person with Daily Tasks

Someone who is waiting for an organ transplant may not be able to complete all of their daily tasks on their own because their body is simply to up to it. A personal care provider can help the person by cooking meals for them, assisting them with light cleaning, and helping them with any personal hygiene they may need.

Provide the Person with Companionship

Someone who is waiting for an organ transplant can sometimes become very depressed because they fear that they may not be able to get a transplant in time. Having someone else around to talk to throughout the day may be able to help the person battle depression.

If you are waiting for an organ transplant and are having a hard time completing daily tasks or are afraid to be alone, you may want to consider hiring a personal home care provider like Kind Care At Home. Some insurance companies will provide for the care, especially if your doctor dictates that it is a necessity for you.


2 February 2016

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