Learn How To Throw A Great Dance Party For Residents Of A Retirement Home


Living in a retirement home, such as Kendal At Lexington, allows elderly individuals to live in a community where they are surrounded with people who are their own age. While it can be nice to have people around to eat with, play games with, or simply talk to, the retirement home may need to be livened up every now and then to ensure that everyone is able to have as good of a time as they possibly can while living there. If you have a loved one living in a retirement home, consider throwing a dance for the residents so they can have a night of fun and relaxation together. The following guide walks you through a few tips for planning the perfect party for residents in a retirement home.

Get Permission

The first thing you need to do is to get permission to throw the dance. There is often a director or manager of the home that will be able to give you permission to have the dance or not. You want to be sure to let the director know that you will be responsible for everything and will handle all of the set up and clean up of the event.

Hire a DJ

You need to hire a DJ to play music at the event. You want to be sure that he or she knows the age range of the people attending the event so that they can have music that will be appealing to that generation.

Hire a Caterer

You need to be sure that the residents have plenty to eat during the event and hiring a caterer can be a great way to ensure that the residents are able to enjoy interesting foods that they may not be able to enjoy on a regular basis. Be sure to choose foods that are safe for people with high blood pressure and easy for individuals with dentures to eat so that everyone will be able to enjoy the culinary delights that are provided at the event.

Print Flyers

In order to make sure that everyone comes to the party, be sure to have flyers created to promote the date and time of the get together. You can also put posters around the home to ensure that everyone knows about it. Be sure to have the party start at a reasonable hour, such as four or five, to ensure that everyone is able to get a few hours of enjoyment before they start to get tired.

On the day of the dance, arrive early so that you can have everything set up ahead of time. You want to be sure that there is ample room between the table and chairs so that people can easily walk with canes or walkers through the area. You also want to have people available to help out the residents with carrying the plates or helping them to the dance floor when needed, as well. Being able to give your loved one a fun night of dining and dancing will be something they are sure to cherish and remember.


2 February 2016

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