5 Hallmarks Of A Good Adult Day Care Facility


Adult day care facilities provide activities and supervision for adults that may need assistance or supervision in their daily routine, yet wish to remain independent and live at home. If you are considering non-residential adult day for yourself or your elderly loved one, do you know what to look for? Here are a few hallmarks of top-notch adult day care program:

  1. The program provides transportation to and from the adult day care facility: How will your elderly loved one get to and from adult day care? Because some seniors or those who are disabled are unable to drive themselves, it helps to be provided with round trip transportation. If the facility offers this service as part of the program, consider this a plus. Keep in mind, there may be am mileage limit or additional fee incurred for those who live out of the range.

  2. Balanced meals are prepared by a nutritionist or dietitian: For many seniors, this is more convenient than having to prepare and pack their own breakfast, lunch or snacks. Equally important, the facility should consider special dietary needs for diabetics or those on a gluten-free diet.

  3. Trained staff members are available to meet the needs of individuals with medical issues such as dementia: In addition, a first-rate adult day care facility will employ a licensed professional to help administer medications as needed.

  4. The hours of operation are flexible: A good adult day care program will offer hours that meet the individual's needs. Look for a program that operates on weekends as well as weekdays. Does the day care operate on holidays? If not, you may need to find accommodations for those days when the facility is closed.

  5. A wide range of activities and recreation will be provided, with accommodations for those who need them: If the individual wishes to participate in the day care activities, will assistance be offered if needed? For instance, outings or day trips should include wheelchair accessible areas. Assistance for arts and crafts projects such as crocheting or knitting might require the use of larger needles and hooks for those with arthritis or vision issues. A top-notch program will meet these requirements.

Lastly, don't hesitate to ask for a tour of the facility before deciding. Keep a checklist of important criteria and be sure your concerns are addressed. A good day care facility (like Chapin Home For The Aging) should not only be neat and organized, it should employ caring staff members willing to answer your questions.


8 February 2016

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