How To Make The New Retirement Home Feel Like Home


You've decided that taking care of your own home has become too much trouble and are moving into one of the local assisted living facilities. In many ways, this is like moving into a new neighborhood. There are new people to meet, friends to make, and people will want to get to know you. Here are some tips for settling into your new neighborhood. 

1. Attend and participate in any resident's meetings.

Some facilities hold meetings with the residents to hear their questions and concerns and to announce changes in the retirement center. Being at these meetings gives you a chance to hear what the major concerns are of the residents and see which people are the most vocal members of the community. It also lets you see how the administration at the facility interacts with the residents.

2. Sign up for any classes sponsored by the facility.

Classes offer a casual social setting as much as a way to learn and practice some new skills. You'll quickly meet people who share similar interests as you and discover those people who are interested in keeping themselves mentally active.

3. Offer to teach a class to your new community.

This gives you a different perspective on your neighbors than when you are a participant in a class. You'll learn about people's learning styles and what really motivates them. Teaching a class also shows that you are interested in contributing to the community as well as participating in its events.

4. Support the community with your expertise.

You likely have one or more skills that will be beneficial to the residents. Teaching a class allows you to give out general information on a topic, but you can hold one-on-one sessions with people or offer question and answer sessions periodically. Topics such as estate and portfolio management and tax preparation may be of great interest to your new neighbors who would appreciate your help and insight.

5. Become a mentor to new residents.

Even if you've recently become a new member of the community, volunteering as a someone who will help new residents get oriented to the facility will be helpful for yourself. You can share the ways that you've used to meet new people and introduce yourself to others. You can help the new person have a smooth transition into the facility. Questions that you can't immediately answer, you can work on together to find the answers. You'll also be one of the first in the retirement center to meet the new people moving into the community. 


8 February 2016

Exploring The Assisted Living Facility Options

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