Addressing Some Common Concerns about Assisted-Living Communities


Assisted-living services can prove invaluable help to those individuals that are unfortunate enough to be unable to care for themselves on a daily basis. While assisted-living communities can offer patients the services and comforts that they need, these facilities are often poorly understood by patients and their family members. After you have the following few questions about these communities addressed, you will be better able to decide if this is a suitable option for your healthcare needs.

Do You Need to Be Critically Ill or Injured to Utilize Assisted-Living Services?

There is a common concern among some people that assisted-living communities are only for those patients that are suffering from serious illness or injuries. However, you should be aware that assisted-living communities are not designed or intended to offer intensive medical services to their residences. Rather, these communities are primarily designed for individuals that simply need help with getting around, preparing their meals, and other routine daily tasks. While these communities may have a nurse on staff to provide limited medical support, individuals that require intensive care may be better suited for a traditional nursing home.

What Comforts Can Assisted-Living Residents Expect?

Assisted-living communities strive to ensure that their residents are able to live as independently as possible while still enjoying having assistance readily available. Often, residents of these communities can expect to have a local community calendar with various events and social gatherings as well as the option to either take their meals in the communal dining area or in their private quarters. The exact range of services and amenities offered will vary greatly from one facility to another, which will require you to evaluate several options before you make a final decision about which provider to use.

Are There Options for Those Needing Help Paying for This Care?

Sadly, some people may not seriously consider this option for fear of being unable to pay out of pocket for these facilities. However, there are many insurance policies that can provide limited or full coverage for the expenses associated with assisted living, but only your insurance agent will be able to confirm the coverage levels offered by your policy.

For those without this type of insurance coverage, there are some assisted living communities that will offer discounted rates for those that can prove financial need. While this may involve your submitting your income or tax records, this can be a small inconvenience to ensure that you are getting the type of care that is needed to enjoy a comfortable standard of living.

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22 June 2016

Exploring The Assisted Living Facility Options

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