What To Look For In A Short-Term Senior Rehab Center


When you have an elderly parent who is just getting out of inpatient hospital care, a short-term rehabilitation or nursing home center can be a great intermediate step before returning home. Here are some things to look for in a short-term rehab facility. 

Availability of Medical Professionals

The types of nursing care that your parent needs in rehabilitation may be somewhat different than the ongoing care that long-term residents would need. If the injury was musculoskeletal, look for the availability of occupational or physical therapists to help with the return to daily activities. Postoperative rehabilitation technicians are also important for monitoring the common complications that can occur after a surgery operation. Twenty- four–hour skilled nursing care is another thing to look for in those early weeks of recovery. 

Proportion of Short- and Long-Term Residents

It's often a good idea to find an assisted living or nursing home community with a mix of short-term and long-term residents. The long-term residents will have created a community that feels less impersonal. The presences of other short-term residents indicates that the staff is equipped to make newcomers feel right at home. 

Insurance Coverage

Each nursing home can vary greatly in terms of what's covered by your parent's insurance for a short-term stay. Make sure that the center can accept Medicare coverage or private insurance as a first step. Beyond that, be sure to note which services are included in the insurance and which are considered extra services that will come out of pocket. 


Having great amenities during your short-term stay can provide added comfort to support the healing process. Large screen TVs, regular entertainment, and high quality dining options can make a difference. Some facilities are even beginning to offer wireless internet and other technology to make residents and visitors more at home. 

Ease of Converting to Long-Term Care

If you are considering having your loved-one stay for a longer-term care plan, then you may want to ask about how easily the loved one can be switched to a full-time resident. Will they need to be relocated? If your parent isn't quite sure about making a longer term switch, will the nursing home's managers and staff help to talk with your parent about a longer stay?

Each of these factors can help to make the difference for a high quality rehabilitation experience, so be sure to make thorough visits to the center beforehand to make sure you're getting a good deal. For more information, talk to a professional like Regina Nursing Center.


22 June 2016

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