How Pets Can Help Seniors Stay Happier And Healthier


One problem many seniors face is loneliness, and this can be true even for those that move into assisted living facilities. If your parent is preparing to move to a facility like this, he or she might be happier and healthier with a dog. While there are assisted living centers that do not allow pets, there are also some that do, and having a pet could help your parent in so many different ways.

Pets are companions

Assisted living facilities are great for seniors in many ways, but one huge benefit is that they offer companionship to the residents. Your parent will have the ability to be around other people and take part in group activities; however, seniors can still feel empty and lonely. With a dog, your parent is likely to feel less lonely, though. Dogs are great companions for people of all ages. They are loyal, kind, and pleasant to be around. If your parent has a dog, he or she will have someone there all the time, and this is a great way to avoid loneliness and isolation.

Pets make people healthier

Studies show that seniors with pets are often healthier than seniors who are lonely and without a pet. Having a pet can help lower blood pressure and improve heart health. Having a pet can slow down a person's heart rate and can even help lower a person's cholesterol level.

It can also be a natural treatment option for stress and depression. This is primarily because loneliness is a leading cause of depression. With a pet, your parent will be less lonely and will have something to look forward to each day. 

Staying active is one challenge many seniors face, and having a pet can help with this. When a senior has a dog, he or she will have responsibilities with this animal. Dogs are not always a lot of work, but they do create some work. For example, your parent will have to take the dog outside and will talk to the dog. He or she will pet the dog and feed it. All these things are stimulating and can help keep an elderly person more active.

If you want your parent to be happy and healthy when moving into a senior living community, you may want to find one that allows pets. To learn more about this, contact an assisted living facility in your area.


28 June 2016

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