Reasons Your Loved One May Need To Have A Short Stay At An Assisted Living Facility


To help you understand reasons why your loved one may need to temporarily stay at an assisted living facility, take a moment to review the following points.

Time To Heal From A Major Injury

If your loved one was recently injured in a severe accident, it may be best for him or her to stay somewhere where there will always be a health care worker to help. This is especially important for anyone that is temporarily bound to a wheelchair or that has suffered a broken neck, broken arms, or injuries that affect their vision. It may just be too unsafe to leave your family member home alone. If no one in the family is able to stay with him or her and provide the appropriate care, you will want to see about residential care at an assisted living facility until the healing process is finished.

Time To Adjust To New Medication

Some medications can have terrible side effects that take some getting used to when a person first starts taking them. If the side effects cause your loved one to become unbalanced, confused, or he or she has trouble regulating blood pressure while the medication is adjusted, it may be best that they are not left alone. If you are not able to stay with them in their home, they may be better off staying for a short while in an assisted living facility. This way, there will always be someone there to offer assistance when it is needed. There will also be medical professionals in the building your loved one require immediate medical attention due to a side effect of the medication.

For Rehabilitation From A Stroke

It can take some time to recover from a stroke, depending on how bad it was. By having your family member stay in an assisted living facility for a little bit, he or she will be able to get both the medical attention and physical therapy that they need in order to recover as quickly as possible. Once your loved one is showing signs of improvement, they should be ready to come home. 

With those few points in mind, it should be easy to understand some of the reasons why you might need to move your family member into an assisted living center, even though it might be a temporary move. All you need to do now is call and set up an appointment to speak to an intake counselor if you feel that the temporary help is needed. Check it out to learn more. 


1 July 2016

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