4 Signs You Need To Take A Loved One To An Assisted Living Facility


When a person grows older, they become more dependent on their loved ones for care. Old age brings many issues that reduce one's capacity to take care of themselves. For instance, one is more prone to joint pains and mental health challenges, making it very difficult to carry on with their daily routine. Although most of the aging population has family members to care for them at home, there are instances when it would be best to receive care in an assisted living facility. Here are four signs that your loved one needs the specialized care provided in these facilities.

1. When They Have Chronic Conditions

Senior adults are prone to developing chronic health conditions such as diabetes. Such health conditions require you to take care extra care of your loved ones. If you have a tight schedule, you might need to have someone take care of them.

Seniors also require more medical attention. If you have a loved one with a chronic condition who cannot take care of themselves, you should take them to an assisted living facility. These facilities have healthcare professionals who will provide your loved one with care and support.

2. When They Are Unable to Maintain Hygiene

If you notice that your beloved cannot maintain their hygiene, it is an indication that they need help. Several factors may cause your loved one to struggle with hygiene, including the inability to move around. Assisted living facilities offer dignified support with routine hygiene activities.

3. When They Suffer From Memory Lapses

Dementia is prevalent among senior adults. If your loved one has been diagnosed with dementia or keeps forgetting, you should take them to an assisted living facility. Forgetfulness can make them neglect themselves or put themselves in risky situations. For instance, one may forget to turn off a burner, putting their life at risk.

4. When They Appear Depressed or Lonely

When senior adults stay in the house because of mobility issues, they get lonely. Moving them to an assisted living facility allows them to socialize and live an active life. Most of the facilities encourage social events and physical activities that your loved one will enjoy.

As your loved ones age, they need more care. You can either take care of them from home or move them to an assisted living facility. If they exhibit any of the discussed signs, it is advisable to move them to a living facility to receive the care they need.

For more information, contact a local assisted living facility.


20 August 2021

Exploring The Assisted Living Facility Options

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